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Love Thyself: 

The Journey to You 


This is my Story.

The Journey to myself & the lessons/challenges that helped me, help you.

“Love Thyself” is Rose Thach’s love gift to us. She shares lessons she’s learned along her own journey and shows us how we can become more ourselves by loving others, taking baby steps, not giving up, being humble, and finding security in the fact that we are made beautifully in God’s image. If you want to begin the journey of growth, this book is a beautiful stepping stone for so much more!

Love Thyself is a beautiful piece of work by a young woman in her journey and walk with Christ.
The young author uses her personal background and practical steps/challenges that has you evaluate yourself at the end of every chapter, while looking inward at one's own self. While the book is mainly geared towards young women, women in general I may say; there are still many tools and practical advice that allows anyone from all walks of life to enjoy while reading through the text.
The blend of faith, practical steps and an overall positive vibes, will keep me coming back to read Love Thyself definitely more than once and especially when I'm feeling down! She is still growing, but this being the authors first text is quite impressive and I cannot wait to see more from Rose Thach!🌹