True Love

Hey there! My name is Kim. I’m a 29 year old single mom who lives in Columbus, Ohio and this is my story of how I met my true love...

I grew up in what some people would call “the hood” where it’s a little rough. As a kid you don’t think about it being rough or unstructured but you take it for what it is and for me it was so much fun! My parents were working everyday almost all day so I honestly got to do whatever I wanted. Now as a kid, that might seem amazing but as an adult now, I’ve had to force myself to develop structure and discipline. Like most pre teen girls, I was boy crazy and did a lot to get attention such as stuff my bra and dress up and be around all the guys in the neighborhood. I would even go to the rec centers with high heels, what’s the problem with that right? Well, I ain’t letting my unsupervised 11-12 year old daughter walk around with high heels on around a bunch of adolescent boys going through puberty!

I was looking for love, I yearned for it, I gravitated to everything that would give me that “love” feeling even if it hurt me. I had boyfriends years older than me, I lost my virginity at 13 and some of you know exactly what that’s like. To want to be loved and get attention so much you’d give yourself for it, in hopes that it will always feel this way. But it doesn’t. False love is just sugar coated sour candy. It tastes so sweet at first but eventually it leaves a sour taste and too much of it ruins your taste buds. Fast forward to when I turned 13 I met my son's dad. We were high school sweethearts. We did everything together! We even planned our future to go to the army together. Then, the fights started verbal and escalated to physical pretty quick. But I loved him so much it didn’t matter. I remember thinking that there’s so many love songs that talk about pain too that love just comes with pain. Then I got pregnant at 17 and everything changed.

"False love is just sugar coated sour candy. It tastes so sweet at first but eventually it leaves a sour taste and too much of it ruins your taste buds."

When I first saw my son, I didn’t think I could ever feel like that about anything. I’ve never loved another human so much. After having him I cut ties with his dad and refused to have any romantic contact with him. But it didn’t stop me from searching for love. I was still sleeping with multiple guys, partying and everything that comes with it. Just an 18 year old figuring life out. At 20, I met this guy at work. We started dating and he took me to church. It took a few times asking before I said yes. I remember thinking “I do not belong in nobody’s church and they are not about to judge me!” But the completely opposite thing happened, I met my true love.

Who would have thought that through all the crap from my past, I found a love that was always there and never left me. I met Jesus. I know, cliché right? To be honest, life has gotten harder, the problems are bigger and come with way more risk. BUT Jesus is my superpower. He gives me a peace that surpasses all understanding. He gives me rest in my soul that whatever comes I’ll be fully equipped to handle it. I’ve been walking with the Lord 7 years strong now. Nowhere near perfect. But I’ve been keeping my body pure for my husband for 3.5 years now. I’m so happy and content being single enjoying all the Lord has for me. I own and operate a nail salon with 2 other techs and my proudest achievement is that I have been homeschooling my amazing son for 6 years now. Jesus changed my life and is still doing a work in me. He knows you by name and loves every detail about you. Yes even when we do the absolute unthinkable, He never changes His love for us. And that is true love.

"Jesus changed my life and is still doing a work in me."

Story by: Kim Thach

edited: Rose Thach

Author Spotlight:

Kim Thach

My name is Kim and I’m a 29 year old single mom who  lives in Columbus Ohio.

This is my story.

"True Love"

Connect: IG @kimsall4love

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